Messages with Client
Hey, I know I forgot to bring a check. Don't worry, I'll bring one next time. 🙂
Ok, no problem. But don't forget about last week’s payment too.
Oh yeah! I'll include that too.
Great. So we are still on for today, right?
🤷‍♂️ I forgot to tell you! I'm out of town so I need to cancel.

No more no-shows.
No more payment chasing.

Automated, streamlined payments and scheduling for Academic Instructors, Tutors, and Coaches.

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Scheduling Simplified

Whether you're solo or have bigger team, manage your schedule in a unified calendar. See client requests, confirmations, and what’s on your agenda. Invite clients for recurring or one-off appointments, or multiple clients at the same time with group appointments. They’ll receive an invitation to join Fons and confirm their appointment. Plus, you and your clients can easily reschedule or cancel an appointment when something unexpected comes up.

“Scheduling 30 students used to take hours out of my day. With Fons, I can manage our students in minutes and I have a simple and professional way to communicate with them.” - Alyson S, Teacher Admin
Fons calendar views for web and iOS

Get Paid Like Clockwork

Stop hunting down payments and create a consistent stream of income. Clients are automatically charged via ACH bank transfer or credit card according to your billing preference. No more buzzkill conversations about payment collection.

1. Schedule & Confirm Appointments

Invite your clients, then schedule and confirm your appointments using Fons.

2. Meet With Your Client

Focus all your time with clients on the lesson and their development. No more awkward conversations about missed payments or paperwork.

3. Get Paid

Following the end of your appointment, your client's credit card is billed and you are both notified. No more invoices, missed payments, or outstanding balances.
“Before Fons, I was piecing together multiple spreadsheets and paying a bookkeeper to handle most of my business administration. Fons handles everything for me so I can give up the spreadsheet scene and save money on bookkeeping.” - Beth P, Academic Coach

Flexible and Powerful Billing Options

Fons supports hourly and tuition-based billing models, and even custom rates for individual clients.

Hourly Billing

Hourly billing is simple. Set a rate for an hour of your time, and Fons will calculate how much to charge clients based on the duration of each appointment. You can individualize rates per client, as well as make one-time adjustments for a single appointments.

Tuition Billing

Set a rate and duration (1 week, 1 month, 3 months, etc...) for your tuition offering. After a confirmed appointment, we'll automatically bill the full amount upfront and start the client's tuition. Teachers retain control of the number of appointments per tuition period.

Staff Scheduling & Management

Unified Staff Calendar

View your entire staff's schedule in a single view. Assign appointments to different staff members, or allow your staff members to manage their own schedule.

Individual Staff Logins and Roles

Each staff member has their own log in and calendar to view and manage. Admins and Owners can manage any staff providers schedule, while Providers only have access to their calendar.

Personalized Staff Availability

Customize each staff members work week so that clients can request appointments only during times they are available.

Minimize No-Shows and Last Minute Cancellations

You and your clients get notified automatically of any upcoming appointments, payments, or requests. Need to reschedule an appointment? No problem, we’ll let everyone know. With Fons, you instantly know whenever something important happens.

“I love that it reminds when a lesson is coming up and gives me the option to cancel or change a lesson if needed.” - Tom B, Parent
“I've been using Fons for my flute studio for the past 6 months and it has made my life so much easier! It takes care of all the administration parts of teaching. A couple features that I love is it sends students lesson reminders and charges them right after the lesson is complete.” - Bevani, Classically Trained Flutist

No More Buzzkill Conversations

Focus all your time with students on the lesson and their development. No more awkward and uncomfortable conversations about missed payments or paperwork.

Teach On Your Timeline

Quickly and easily track and organize your teaching schedule to fit your lifestyle. Setup your office hours to enable clients to make appointment requests only during times you’re available.

“Once I set my teaching schedule, I never have to worry about my availability. My students can see when they can schedule lessons and it eliminates the back and forth.” Guy T, Sports Coach
Child playing violin with her music teacher

Family Schedule Management

Fons let’s parents add and manage their kids’ schedules, and keep track of payments with a single credit card or bank account.

“With two kids that each have private lessons with several different teachers, I wish they were all on Fons to make my life easier.” - Katherine M., Parent

Unlimited Clients and Appointments

Invite and manage all of your clients, and schedule an unlimited number appointments. There’s no limit, ever.

Upfront Cancellation Policy Enforcement

We’ve built the simplest, best practices approach to running a teaching business. Your clients agree to your lesson cost, duration, and cancellation policy upon creating a Fons account. If a customer cancels a lesson within your cancellation window, they will still be charged for that appointment unless you stop the charge.

“With Fons, my policy is enforced and I never have to chase a late payment again.” - Emily P, Teaching Artist

Access On The Go

For both teachers and students, Fons works beautifully on iOS and Android. With just a few taps, view your agenda, invite a new client, or schedule a new appointment. Never miss a notification about a cancellation or appointment request.

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