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Stop hunting down payments and create a consistent stream of income.

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Tailor-Made Billing

Bill clients via subscription, per appointment, or with a package. Fons has the right billing method for your business.

Flexible payment options for clients

Securely and confidently accept credit cards, debit cards and even bank account transfers (ACH)

Easy refunds

Fons supports the ability to refund any transactions on your account, either in whole or in part

Client billing

Flexible billing options for your business

Per Appointment Billing

Subscription Billing

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Pre-Paid Package

Billing Option Per Appointment Subscription or Recurring Package
Description The most straightfoward form of billing, set a duration and cost of an appointment and Fons will charge the client immediately after the confirmed appointment is over Bill clients a fixed rate every week or month. After the first confirmed appointment, Fons will charge and begin the client's subscription until canceled. The number of appointments scheduled within the subscription time period is up to you. Pre-sell multiple appointments up front that you can optionally discount.
Clients Billed At the end of each confirmed appointment. On a date of your choosing. Your client enters payment information and confirms. Clients pay for a package upfront.

After client billing transaction clears, rolling deposits are made directly into your bank account.

Deposit Schedule by Country
United States: 2 day rolling
Australia: 2 day rolling
Canada: 7 day rolling
United Kingdom: 7 day rolling

Visual Billing Reports

Fons tracks everything you need to know. Visual reports help you see trends and make better decisions by analyzing your past results.

Download transaction data

Create and download transaction data with your transaction data by specifying a start and end date

Secure and encrypted

Credit card and bank information never hits our servers

View your history

All charges and deposits towards your account are logged and searchable for you to analyze

2-5 day rolling deposits

Payouts of your available account balance are made daily and contain payments processed two business days prior (in U.S.)

No cost appointments

Not every appointment needs to be billable, so Fons can handle that too

Expired card reminders

If a client's card expires, we'll let them know and ask them to update it automatically

No more chasing payments
No more back and forth

14-day free trial
• no credit card needed
• cancel anytime