An Encouragement Towards Summer

May 7, 2020

Right now, folks usually begin planning to keep business viable over the summer.

This summer will not be like last summer... or any other summer you've experienced before.

The upside is that people will not be going on as many traditional vacations. Schedules & rhythms have been upended. More people will be home and needing your services.

Another upside, people have changed their opinions about online communication. It is now a cultural norm.

A few things to consider...

*We don't know what the economy will be like

*We don't know what stay-at-home will be like

*We don't know what travel will be like

*We don't know what gathering will be like

That doesn't mean we don't create exciting opportunities and offerings for our clients. We do need to make sure they are flexible. You can bring your workshop online if you must.

We'll plan to be agile, open, compassionate, and giving. What are you planning? We've got this!

If this resonates with you, join our conversation with other supportive business owners at Fons Family FB Group.

Eric Branner is the co-founder of Fons, an online platform supporting many of the world’s top teachers, trainers, tutors, and coaches. He has taught music for over twenty years, and is the current president of the Seattle Music Teachers Association.

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