Creativity can be applied to any medium

June 26, 2020

Good friend and thought leader David Cutler just released a mini-documentary entitled "Classical Music and Creativity."

Ideas on applying creativity into the realm of classical music, or walking… or anything.

David teaches at the University of South Carolina, is a fantastic musician, and has authored multiple books on making a living as a creative. I met him at a conference a few years back and attended an event he hosts at USC, The Savvy Arts Challenge. He is a thoughtful voice at the intersection of arts & business.

Why am I sharing this with you?

This is a fine example of how people are creating necessary, helpful, and fulfilling work right now… in the middle of everything that’s happening.

We can choose to shut down or double down on our mission.

So, what are you working on right now? Perhaps your business is booming with new clients. Maybe your customer base has been hit hard by the pandemic. There are opportunities in each and every scenario.

If you’d like to join a cohort of creative business owners searching for opportunities within this moment, join our Fons Family FB Group. It’s a wonderful resource, and we welcome your voice to our conversation.

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