Did You Know That Fons Means...

We should be focusing on strengthening relationships.

Friends, Family, Clients, Students, Neighbors, Vendors.

This is the only responsible business plan we can execute.

What else can we do aside from being open-hearted to the possibility of everyone we interact with is struggling, confused, or suffering?

How many customers do you have right now?
Call them & ask how they're doing. Tell them how glad you are to be working with them. They are home.

Does this make you nervous?
Are you worried clients will tell you that their partner lost a job & they can't keep working with you? Well.. you were going to find that out anyway & this gives you a chance to practice compassion on your own terms. Work with them.

Spending hours trying to decide which headphones are best for teaching online? (I'm guilty)
Instead, communicate with parents how their children's studies have been spectacularly productive in recent weeks.

Looking to get new clients?
Spending time launching Instagram ads announcing your music lessons online? Excited about offering your services nationally?
Plenty of folks are doing that. I would encourage a creative focus on the community/network you already have.

You could become the music teacher or science tutor for your entire neighborhood... providing a bespoke curriculum over a zoom call on Tuesday & Thursday for any child in your neighborhood. Call your neighbors & email your listserve to ask how you can help.

Our family is so grateful to Fenix Capoeira for hosting capoeira classes online. We won't forget that he's willing to keep our son active and on a schedule. This is a lifeline.

Folks have time, need structure, want to improve, & gravitate towards known, safe mentors ... that's YOU!

I've observed a calamity of business owners (rightfully so) rushing to get a plan together... to create a safety net for themselves & to survive.
What should we do? Should I offer a discount for online? We lost our health insurance, what now?

The reality?
The current environment & near future are too uncertain to use traditional business modeling, forecasting, or strategizing. We're going to have to lead this one with our hearts.

We need to prioritize how we use our time & energy.

You are a healer... an essential element to others' well-being. This is an opportunity for us to do our best work, to simplify our intentions, & to trust that we're going to come out on the other side of this better than when we went in.

Please let me know how we can help & how you're getting through this new month. Sending love.🌊

Eric Branner
CEO/Co-Founder of Fons

ps. If you'd like to join a group of really awesome, supportive, & encouraging business owners... check out our conversation at the Fons Family

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