Finding Your Just-Right Guide

May 5, 2020

“We’re looking for a new vocal coach, who do you recommend?”

Previously, I’d inquire about neighborhood, learning styles, and types of music the student was interested in. A suggestion primarily based on geography.

Now, I consider all the vocal coaches I know in the WORLD, and recommend who I think would be the absolute best fit.

“Allie Tyler.( Although she lives in Colorado, she’s a pro at online teaching and is perfect for developing the technique & confidence you’re aiming for.”

Many of the most gifted, passionate, and skilled providers have moved their services online, and their efficacy is shockingly good.

Geography is no longer a limiting factor in choosing who is best for you or your family.

If you’re learning or honing a skill, or perhaps need a consistent appointment on your calendar, now is an incredible time to find your just-right guide.

Looking for a recommendation? Give me a try.

Eric Branner is the co-founder of Fons, an online platform supporting many of the world’s top teachers, trainers, tutors, and coaches. He has taught music for over twenty years, and is the current president of the Seattle Music Teachers Association.

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