I’m Giving Away My Guitar Method

Eric Branner

Dec 23, 2015

I’ve decided to give away The Blackforrest Guitar Companion as an ebook at no cost. I’ll also support the book with video lessons outlining all of the information in the book. I’m doing this because I want to help as many people learn to play music as possible.

Music is perhaps the least lame part of our human existence. Music is inclusive, uses little to no natural resources,(sorry about those rosewood back and sides) and is such a powerful tool for developing honest self-expression, discipline, creativity, and connection to others. If you’re feeling inclined to learn how to play guitar, please allow me to help if I can. Download the Blackforrest Guitar Companion from my website,(link below)and keep an eye on my youtube channel for the video lessons that correspond with the book.

The Guitar Companion has been a labor of love. I wrote the book, and the graphic design was done by one of my former students and good friend Erik Bell. We had a great time working on the book together. The book is meant to be a reference for those who are new to the instrument, and perhaps unsure which discipline of guitar they want to follow.(jazz, classical, folk, rock.) Out of respect to the 90% of players that never learn how to read music, I wrote the book without standard notation. You don’t have to read music to understand or play music. I don’t think there is a more clear or beautifully designed beginner’s guitar manual out there.

I hope The Blackforrest Music Guitar Companion helps you on your musical path. I hope my kids go to your concert someday and are moved by your music. I hope you become the next Bob Dylan. I hope that closed minds are opened by the awesomeness of your work. I really hope you play music for your children, that’s been my favorite part of being a musician. I hope you build a community as wonderful as the one that I have found through sharing music. Please play music. Ask me questions if you have them. Happy Picking. Eric

download here


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