Looking for a new hat to try on for your business?

July 16, 2020

The COO is often the least understood yet highly critical element in the C-Suite periodic table.(CEO, CMO, CFO...) CEO brings the vision. CMO brings it to the world. CFO keeps the company solvent.

COO is in charge of the day-to-day operations... second in command to the CEO.

You most likely wear all of the previously mentioned hats, here's an encouragement to toss the COO cap onto the rack.

The inner workings of any well-run organization is an art form. Hiring, tech-stack, onboarding, product dev, services, analytics... How you operate your business. This can mean different things for everyone.

COO tasks are also highly dependent on the vision and mission of the CEO they work with. Most likely, both of those titles belong to you. What would happen if you allocated time to hyper-focus on improving the operational structure of your work?(maybe you already do)

Your COO time could be spent...

-testing various streaming platforms/apps pertaining to your work to see which has the best and most friction

-free experience -testing and refining your onboarding structure for new clients

-making notes & analyzing EVERY time you experience a less than awesome moment within your workday.(unhappy customer, billing issue, late payment, poor client engagement)

-reviewing current billing models and services, perhaps testing new variations

-exploring and testing tasks you could delegate

-reviewing the intersection of revenue, marketing spend, and mission

Your COO work is awesome. It's job is to boost your CEO energy...your creative spark, joy, mission, and the big picture.

Fons is in many ways built to be a virtual COO... to streamline the operational functions of a business, freeing the business owner(CEO) to be their most authentic, visionary self.

Do you regularly schedule time to refine operations? Does this seem confusing?(it sure was to me when I first learned about it) If this sounds interesting, join our conversation in the Fons Family group!

Energy and time committed to operations pay massive dividends in the long term for your work and well-being. If you want your work to bring you more happiness, fulfillment, and financial freedom... try on your COO hat!

ps. If you'd like to learn how to streamline your operations with Fons, signup for a demo & strategy session here.

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