Keep clients coming back

Invite and manage your existing clients and speed up the admissions cycle for prospective ones.

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Every client gets a profile

Search your client roster for contact information events and billing transactions history, so you have what you need to foster client relationships

Individualized Billing

Maintain established client relationships by allowing for individualized billing rates per client, while onboarding new clients at new standard rates

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Family Management

Fons let's parents add and manage their kids' schedules and keep track of payments with a single payment method

Automatic Reminders

Important notifications like expiring credit cards and upcoming appointment reminders are automatically sent to clients

Timezone Detection

Automatic timezone difference detection, so everyone shows up at the same time
“I love that it reminds when a lesson is coming up and gives me the option to cancel or change a lesson if needed.”
Tom B, Parent

No more chasing payments
No more back and forth

14-day free trial
• no credit card needed
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