Streamlined Scheduling & Automated Reminders

Fons gives people the ability to book a time that works for you and them, without the back and forth

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Reduce “no-shows”

Reminders are automatically sent at the appropriate time to prevent no-shows or late cancellations

Work on your timelime

Set your ideal weekly office hours and block off availability for things like vacations or dentist appointments

Room to grow

Works great for individuals but it's easy to add staff, each with individual logins, schedules and roles

Customizable Invitations

Add your logo or edit the text of all invitations before sending it to clients.

Share Your Online Booking Link

Let people request appointments only when you are available. Share your personal booking link in email, text, social network, or on your website.

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You choose your cancellation policy window length

Automatic Cancellation Policy Enforcement

Whenever a client accepts or requests an appointment, we make your cancellation policy clear. We'll handle the billing if they cancel inside your policy window, and it's easy to cancel or refund a charge in case something comes up.

Group Appointments

Invite multiple people to the same appointment, each with their own billing or apply the same billing to all

Staff Member Assignments

Assign or change staff members to appointments

Recurring Appointments

Create daily, weekly or monthly recurring appointments with your clients, who only have to confirm once

Family Calendars

Clients can manage multiple family members with a single log in and payment method

Works On All Devices

Access and manage your schedule from anywhere, on phone, tablet or desktop

Subscribe To Your Calendar

Add your Fons calendar feed to your preferred calendar app

Timezone Detection

Fons automatically handles timezone differences, so everyone shows up at the same time

Providers Trust Fons

Before Fons, I was piecing together multiple spreadsheets and paying a bookkeeper to handle most of my business administration. Fons handles everything for me so I can give up the spreadsheet scene and save money on bookkeeping.” Beth P Academic Coach
Once I set my teaching schedule, I never have to worry about my availability. My students can see when they can schedule lessons and it eliminates the back and forth.” Guy T Tennis Coach
I've been using Fons for my flute studio for the past 6 months and it has made my life so much easier! It takes care of all the administration parts of teaching. A couple features that I love is it sends students lesson reminders and charges them right after the lesson is complete. Bevani Flutist

No more chasing payments
No more back and forth

14-day free trial
• no credit card needed
• cancel anytime