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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?

Every confirmed appointment will be charged immediately following the end of the appointment. Money is transfered directly into your bank account after each transaction clears. No more invoices, missed payments, or outstanding balances.

Transfer Schedule by Country
United States: 2 day rolling
Australia: 2 day rolling
Canada: 7 day rolling
United Kingdom: 7 day rolling

How does scheduling lessons work?

It’s simple. Invite your customer to create an account with just an email and a credit card. You schedule recurring or one-off lessons within the Fons app. Your client confirms the appointment(s), and you teach! You can reschedule or cancel a lesson easily using Fons.

How does Fons handle lesson policies such as cancellations?

Your customers agree to lesson cost, duration, and your cancellation policy upon creating a Fons account. This is the simplest, best practices approach to running a teaching business. Cancellation policies are automated within Fons. If a customer cancels a lesson within your cancellation window, they will still be charged for that appointment unless you stop the charge.

I’ve been doing things the same way for a long time, what will my customers think of Fons?

Your customers will love the straight-forward, time saving design of Fons. Managing multiple family members, scheduling appointments, and automated payment saves your customers time.